This is how accounting can be done


We may as well reveal our unique approach already; we soon are going to provide you a complex accounting service including an accountant, a dedicated business consultant and access to our Portal which enables you to connect to your business 24/7.



Nevertheless, we do much more by making sure your business is built upon the most important three pillars:

Professionals: accountants and consultants


We believe your business deserves the best. That’s why we only work with professionals who are eager to become the best.


We are working with qualified accountants who are familiar with local rules and regulations in and out. They always make sure all deadlines are adhered to. We also have a strict internal audit process which serves as an additional layer of control so that we are able to completely satisfy your company’s unique needs.


This is by far not bad itself but our secret ingredient to the success is the addition of a creative partner, too.


We call them Account Managers, but they really are trusted business and financial advisors. Their job is to help your business grow by utilising their up-to-date knowledge about current taxing benefits, legal guidance or the local markets through their exhaustive network of business partners.


As a client, imagine not only having an instant access to an accountant but also a creative advisor, who even at this very minute is thinking about how to improve your business. And they do care about your firm, today and tomorrow, everytime.


They are your first pillar.


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The Portal – the ultimate link between you and your business


There are a few things we take for granted nowadays. We are able to track our pizza delivery status, we can easily view our phone call history or how much was paid for any of these – yet, you know nothing about your own firm. We, on the other hand, believe being in control is key.


When you enter our Portal you never going to let it go – it simply puts you in complete command of your company. Whether you are interested in the details or complex statistics, you will find a wide variety of embedded features. You soon are going to know everything about your firm.


The Portal is an easy-to-use system that we have developed to stop you from flying blind or guessing when and how much to pay, where your invoices are or how much your employees cost you. The Portal will tell you all – in a very simple way.


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The Portal, with its user friendly interface, is your second invaluable pillar.


Let’s meet ASAP!

Where deals are settled


It is not a mistery that networking could play a huge role in success, so we have come up with a refreshing new idea; why don’t we meet up every now and then?


Our circle – like-minded, open individuals ready to absorb the latest trends, news, pieces of information. It is entirely up to you what you make out of it: extending your business via new partnerships or making new friends – we are here to provide the platform and opportunity.


The third pillar is our people. You.

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  • Our story

    Our story

    Why we never wanted to become an accountant firm and how come we are one now. Click here to learn more.

  • The Portal

    The Portal

    Stop flying blind and never go another day unaware of how your business is doing. The Portal is an interface where you can log in anytime from anywhere and see your fresh numbers.

  • Our prices

    Our prices

    We believe that business is driven by trust and transparency therefore, we are happy to reveal our all-inclusive package prices in advance.

This is how accounting is done: different from others

Imagine that your accountant, dedicated business consultant and the always up-to-date Portal are working together continuously for your success.
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If you choose us, you will get a full team of professionals: your accountant will do your books, your Account Manager will advise you on financial matters and you will always be welcome at our business club events.


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Imagine that your business is with you all the time.

The Portal and our mobile apps will give all the information you need 24/7.


Accounting can be different. Learn more.

Time is your most precious valuable. We will provide you with all the information you need regarding your business as well as a dedicated business consultant in a just a click.


Can we show you how we do it?

We will utilize all the expertise of our team to run a tight, flawless operations so you can focus on yourself and your business.


Let us tell you how it works.

We’d like to develop with you so besides the expert advice we will give you on finances and you bidding options available, we will also provide you a chance to grow at our networking events.


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